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Do you have a history of injuries that may have caused a misalignment within your body? Whatever the cause may be, you are probably worried about using pain medication that only fixes the surface of the problem.  Surely there must be a way to address this misalignment without the side effects of pain medication and without the constant pain.

Finding relief.

There are multiple factors that go into having chronic neck pain. You may sit a computer for too long, have bad posture or even having a lot of stress can play a role. Some activities can be avoided and others cannot, therefore finding relief is essential. If you are currently reliant on over the counter pain medications to make it through the day, or you can barely look over your shoulder while driving. We advise you to seek professional help like Chiro Cam, he can access and assist you in your recovery.


At Home Therapy.

For minor neck pain you can seek at home therapy such as neck exercises like these, using a firmer pillow, changing your posture or altering your work environment to cause less strain to your neck. You can also invest in Yoga, an easy way to strengthen your joints, stretch your body and relax your muscles. This is beneficial especially if you work from a desk everyday.

What if an at home treatment leaves you feeling the same?

It is important that if small changes to your lifestyle do not treat your neck pain that you seek professional help. You may have a mis-alignment within your spine that you are not aware of. If you have experienced low energy, muscle spasms within your back, joint pain, numbness and tingling you could have a mis-alignment.

Having poor posture can put constant pressure on your nerves, muscles, spinal discs and joints. The nerves within your back are essential to protect and take care of as they are responsible for transmitting essential information and energy from the brain to all of the limbs and body organs.


When neck pain and poor posture affect your whole body.

Most individuals with neck pain also experience constant headaches, limited mobility, body aches and pain, and muscle fatigue. Having bad posture can’t put constant strain on the muscles within your back, aiding in neck pain and misalignment. If you have one shoe that wear out quicker than the other, if you have given birth or if your feet turn inward or outward, it might be time to visit a chiropractor.  

Why a Chiropractor can get you back on track.

First, a Chiropractor will go over your medical history and any recent injuries or trauma you have had. They will also assess any pain that you may currently have. They will ensure that you have a full range of motion in your joints, test your muscle tone and ensure that you are overall in good health. After the initial adjustment and assessment is done, they can help to restore motion through a treatment plan that usually includes chiropractic adjustments, specific neck exercises and physiotherapy. Contact Cam today and he can make sure that your joints and spine are functioning at a full range of motion!