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Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

Do you often ask yourself why do I feel exhausted all the time? Is work too draining?  Am I sleeping properly? Am I sick? These could be some of the reasons that may be causing you to be so tired. Sometimes, you can’t even think of a reason, what then? If...

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Push Your SCOLIOSIS In The RIGHT Direction!

What Is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is unnatural curve of the spine, grater than 10 degrees. Most commonly it’s “C” or “S” shaped, but it’s shapes and degrees of curve differ from case to case, depending on the age and cause. Curves within 20 to 40 degrees are...

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6 Summer Sport Injuries That a Chiropractor Can Treat

Summer is quickly approaching and there are soooo many awesome sports we love to play! Soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, water skiing, volleyball… the list goes on. Personally, I love beach volleyball but that sport is so rough on my body. Jumping in the sand, diving...

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How to help your back while sitting in the office

If you are working an office job, you are probably spending most of your day sitting. We sit in the car on our way to work, we sit at work, sit when we drive back home, we sit during dinner, and most of our evenings are spent sitting on the couch/sofa....

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Do you have chronic recurring neck pain?

Do you have a history of injuries that may have caused a misalignment within your body? Whatever the cause may be, you are probably worried about using pain medication that only fixes the surface of the problem.  Surely there must be a way to address this...

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Why Your Body Might be Suffering During The Winter

With the holiday season behind us, the joy and excitement are forgotten and all that we are left with is the striking cold weather and lots of snow. Watching the weather channel from our cozy chairs gives you the chills and unfortunately we still need to...

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